About P.J. Lynch


P.J. Lynch was founded in 1962 by Peter Lynch. With determination and a commitment to quality and safety, the business steadily grew.

P.J. Lynch provided electrical services to the old Public Works Department and was instrumental in the installation of the first portable classrooms in Victoria. Today, P.J. Lynch still has a close association with many schools throughout the state, providing maintenance and electrical compliance services.

In the 1970's P.J. Lynch expanded into providing electrical contracting and engineering services to the manufacturing industry in Victoria. This included setting up bottling plants, installing and upgrading plant and equipment, providing full design and engineering for major electrical installations and providing general maintenance and breakdown services of PLC's and Robotic Equipment.

The business has continued to evolve with the changing times; from installing Y2K generators during the late 1990's, to providing electrical contracting services to the Department of Defence and expert installation and maintenance for major road infrastructure projects.

P.J. Lynch is now run by the 2nd and 3rd generations of the Lynch family and continues the tradition started by Peter Lynch over 50 years ago.  They are currently working on road and rail infrastructure projects. P. J. Lynch are a Vic Roads and Transurban prequalified company.

A commitment to quality, safety and customer service.

iso9001_sml.gifQuality Assured Electrician


P.J. Lynch is a Quality Assured Business (ISO9001) and works hard to ensure that its systems and processes remain compliant with the latest quality standards. This standard provides confidence to our clients and principal contractors that P.J. Lynch has the appropriate processes in place and that they are independently audited.  This ensures that our processes and procedures remain consistent across all industries. Compliance with the ISO9001 standard helps us strive for continual improvement and ensures that safety and quality are never compromised.

Health and Safety Compliance


P.J. Lynch is CM3 qualified. CM3 assists PJ. Lynch to demonstrate and promote its health and safety capabilities. Our clients and lead contractors have confidence that our OHS Management System has been reviewed by qualified, independent OHS specialists and provides them with a clear understanding of our occupational health and safety compliance.

Other Accreditations, Qualifications and Certificates

  • Fibre Optic Accredited
  • A Grade Electricians
  • Excavation Licensed
  • Electrical Inspectors Licensed
  • Armature winding license
  • Scissor lifts and booms (elevated platforms) licensed
  • Height and Safety
  • Red Card
  • White Card
  • Safety Inducted